Call for Papers RIPARIA Vol. 7 (2021)


Call for papers: RIPARIA 7. International Journal of History of the interactions between society and the environment.

RIPARIA is an international, annual, multilingual, interdisciplinary and open access publication dealing with issues related to the history of the interactions between societies and the natural environment, particularly in waterside areas, and published by the University of Cádiz and Laval University.

Principals topics:

  • Comparative history of society-environment interactions.
  • Integrated environmental management strategies: approaches, practices and usages.
  • Legal culture of society-environment interactions.
  • Evolution of the spatial configuration.
  • Climates and societies: adaptation and resilience.
  • Systems of social representations of society-environment interactions.
  • Ethics of integrated environmental management.
  • Water management and traditional knowledge.

Deadline:  28th February 2021.

Instructions for authors and submissions: